Electronics & Packaging Case Study

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Posted on Mar 10 by admin at 11:06 AM

Foam Engineers were approached by a leading international company in the design, development and production of electronic sensors, switches and control instrumentation systems.

The company were developing a new range of wireless control boxes and were looking for inexpensive foam as protective packaging. Simple enough but Foam Engineers went one step further and suggested a presentation quality, inexpensive foam that ticked all the right boxes in terms of performance, appearance and most important of all – price.

I’m pleased to say the customer was really impressed with the “Wow factor” of his products encased within the foam and we won the account.

That’s not where we stopped either!

Through our contacts in the corrugated box market we put the client in contact with a carton manufacturer who also successfully received their business.

And we didn’t stop there!

A little while later their Sales Department requested a couple of blanks of foam. When we enquired what they were for we discovered the customer was going to produce his own sample case in-house.

“Let us cut it for you as we have all the necessary equipment” was our response and the client received 2 perfect foam case inserts to display his products.

All part of the service at Foam Engineers Limited.

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