Foam Engineers was contacted by an international provider of well site core handling services to the oil & gas industries to solve a long standing problem of theirs.

Amongst their many services they offer core and sample management, depositing into long term storage drill core samples taken at the well head.

The current method of packing was in cardboard boxes packed out with tissue paper. This was proving unsuitable for the drilling area conditions as well as taking too long to pack. There were additional concerns as the cardboard would degrade over the years if allowed to get wet due to water leaks or high humidity.

Foam Engineers manufactured an uncomplicated solution in non-cross linked Polyethylene producing a box and lid water jet cut with a quantity of 144 16mm diameters. Using water jet cutting meant we produced a perfect vertical shaft and elevated the scalloping effect associated with die cutting. Our client was pleased too as he was saved the expense of tooling!

The design allows the operator to simply load the foam insert up with core samples and place into an outer container for its safe journey back to the UK.

I’m pleased to say we have just completed a repeat order for 300 boxes, or 43,200 samples destined for Madagascar.

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