This week we completed our most difficult task ever to produce a barrel shaped product in 144 Kg/m3 (think wood!) non-cross linked Polyethylene.

The customer had designed the tank measuring 1200 x 900 x 700mm to fit a specific aperture and the design was non-negotiable.

Due to the fact that the heavy density Jiffycel is only available in 50mm planks we had to use all the foam techniques at our disposal and machine in layers using our state of the art 3 axis Pacer router, then bond the segments together.

Finally because of the gross weight the tank was cut into manageable sizes for the customer to handle.

Michael Clare commented.

“To date this has been our most involved and satisfying project to work on and has given us a real insight into the capabilities of the 3D router and the potential of the cross linked and non-cross linked materials we convert. I look forward to promoting those resources on future projects”.

If you have a need for routed Polyethylene whether it be big or small Foam Engineers Limited will be pleased to hear from you.



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