There’s Snow Stopping Foam Engineers Limited

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Posted on Dec 20 by admin at 9:27 AM

Whilst the majority of the country is under a blanket of snow and the nation’s largest airport is closed its business as usual at Foam Engineers Limited.

Staff arrived early to help clear the yard and car park to ensure it was safe for employees, visitors and expected deliveries.

With several members of staff travelling in from neighbouring counties after successfully navigating High Wycombe’s notorious hills it was imperative they were able to make it into our car park.

The sterling effort by all helpers showed the team spirit that prevails at Foam Engineers Limited. These moral values are carried across into everyday working practices which shine through in service and quality.

Staff endeavours didn’t just stop at the factory gates. Our Transport Department also managed to despatch one of our lorries out into the snow on a two day Northern run to honour delivery schedules.

That’s the level of service you can expect from Foam Engineers Limited!

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