Reticulated Foam Polishing Pads

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Posted on Mar 16 by admin at 5:31 AM

When Foam Engineers was approached by a new client to source technical Reticulated Polyurethane foam we rose to the challenge and utilised our global buying knowledge.

The customer, a trusted international leader in eye health with a 156 year heritage discovered Foam Engineers were the ideal partner to collaborate with on this project due to our high standards of service and material expertise.

The Polyester based Retic Foam is employed within the customers manufacturing process to polish glass to a fine tolerance and had to meet exacting standards regards to performance and durability.

There were also health issues to address forbidding any chemicals or dye leaching out of the foam material onto the glass product.

Due to our experience in this field we knew immediately which manufacturer to approach to meet these exacting criteria. With their support we were able to provide production quality samples for the client to test and evaluate and after five months of exhaustive trials an ideal material was determined.

In actual fact the quality of our material exceeded their previous source meaning the polishing pads lasted longer thus reducing the amount of time the client had to stop the process and replace the Reticulated Foam.

Michael Clare commented
“Foam Engineers are proud to be associated with this new customer and has allowed us to demonstrate the extent to which we are able to globally source and convert technical engineering grade Reticulated Polyurethane Foams.”

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