SafeCrest Foam Flame Propagation Testing

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Posted on Aug 12 by admin at 12:04 PM

Foam Engineers Limited recently received an invitation to the Faculty of Engineering at Leeds University to witness the flame propagation testing of Crest Foam’s SafeCrest® Type IV Blue under laboratory conditions.

SafeCrest® Safety Foam is a reticulated Polyurethane foam purposely designed for explosion suppression and surge / noise mitigation within fuel tanks.  Available in Type II Yellow, Type IV blue or G-15M or G-30M static dissipative grades all to MIL-F87260A (USAF) the open cell foam functions as a three dimensional fire screen efficiently preventing catastrophic explosions.

This specialist PU foam is CNC machined on site at High Wycombe and supplied to the military for both ground vehicles and aircraft, marine and auto sport markets.

Michael Clare, our New Business Development Manager attended and observed firsthand the controlled explosions carried out under strict safety conditions.

Michael continues:-

The two images below are of one piece of 50mm SafeCrest® Type IV Blue. The photo on the left is the face towards the blast showing the effect the flame has had on the foam and the right hand picture is incredibly the face away from the explosion. Apart from the dome effect where the foam absorbed the blast impact the structure of the foam is intact and still able to carry on performing as an explosion suppressor.

SafeCrest foam after explosion

Should you have an application that will suit this highly specialised material call 01494 448855 to discuss and I will be pleased to talk it through with you.

Finally a thank you to Leeds University and Professor Gordon Andrews, Lisa Witty and Bala Fakandu for their patience and time on the day.

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