What is Plastazote®?

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Posted on Jun 3 by admin at 10:53 AM

Plastazote® is the trade name for a closed cell, cross-linked Polyethylene foam belonging to the Azote family manufactured in the UK by Zotefoam PLC and converted into engineered products by Foam Engineers Limited in High Wycombe.

Plastazote® is manufactured using a unique nitrogen expansion process meaning the Polyethylene foam is completely inert. This exclusive characteristic provides the perfect opportunity for the specialist foam to be used in the healthcare and medical markets to produce for example: artificial limbs, supports, braces and rehabilitation devices. Plastazote® can also be commonly found converted into children’s bath toys, swimming floats and jigsaws due to the material’s EN 71 compliance with toy safety standards.

Plastazote® is tough, lightweight, flexible and UV stable and provides many solutions for the industrial, consumer and sports sector markets. Manufactured in a diverse range of colours, densities and in a variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses we will be able to supply a grade of Plastazote® to suit your requirements.

Due to the material’s fine surface finish and composition, Plastazote® provides an unbeatable class of protection. This versatile Polyethylene foam can be used in a variety of applications for example: to pack Class A painted surfaces in an automotive dunnage tray, to protect a 1000 year old artefact at the British Museum or to safeguard a delicate piece of electronic measuring equipment for the mining industry. Plastazote® also makes excellent presentation packaging for USB drives, photo albums and luxury gifts.

Zotefoam’s Plastazote® is available in a fire retardant grade and passes numerous aerospace, automotive and construction flammability specifications. Foam Engineers is ISO 9001:2008 quality accredited and have a wealth of experience when it comes to doing business with these exacting markets.

The conversion of Plastazote® allows Foam Engineers to test their manufacturing processes which include slitting, band knifing, die-cutting, routing and water jet cutting as well as hot air welding or lamination bonding.

Michael Clare, Managing Director commented:-

“Foam Engineers are proud of their close association with Zotefoam PLC spanning almost 30 years and our reputation in the market place to manufacture quality engineered components utilising Zotefoam’s premium Plastazote® Polyethylene.”

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