At Foam Engineers we supply ArmaSound® RD in 6mm foam sheet for customers throughout the UK. ArmaSound® RD is acoustic absorption foam which has flexibility for a vast array of different acoustic applications.

As well as the high performance acoustic sound absorption, ArmaSound® RD can also be used in environments as a barrier for transmission loss and provides dampening of acoustic vibrations. With the ability to isolate sound frequencies through its decoupling properties, it can significantly reduce noise levels.

Relative to other acoustic barrier materials ArmaSound® RD can produce optimal performance at lower thicknesses. Its patented properties and unique advanced open cell structure, provides a high optimal performance across a broad noise frequency spectrum. For a foam sheet with a higher density and high flow resistance properties relative to other acoustic barrier material it creates a very effective barrier to sound transmission.

ArmaSound® RD also possesses visco-elastic properties which enable it to significantly dampen and reduce resonance levels, important in ducting and enclosed spaces. It also is highly effective as a standalone isolation pad to diminish the dispersion of noise levels through fixed structures such as floors.

ArmaSound® RD is suitable for a wide range of environments including Schools and Hospitals due to the foam composition being dust and fibre free.

ArmaSound® RD can be found in a wide range of industries including as linings in air conditioning systems; in engine rooms and pipeline insulation for gas and oil facilities; engine component lining and bonnet insulation in the automotive industry and as cabinet and enclosure linings with reverberation control in general industry applications.

Our ArmaSound® RD 240 sheets in 6mm thicknesses have a Sound Absorption Class of E, an NRC Rating of 0.15 and an Octave Band Absorption Coefficient for frequencies in a range of 125 – 4000Hz of 0.1 – 0.74. It can work in a temperature range for -20°C to 82°C and is Class 1 for fire resistance.

If you have a requirement for ArmaSound® RD foam sheets please contact us at Foam Engineers where we can provide advice on its use and applications.

*ArmaSound® RD is a registered trademark of Armacell which manufacturers engineered foams and is the world leader in the market for flexible technical insulation materials.

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