Precision Medical Device Foam Product

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Posted on Mar 17 by admin at 10:41 AM

Foam Engineers Limited was recently contacted by a medical device company requiring comfort foam for a relaxation and stress management tool.

The brief was to produce a foam face mask in a soft, comfortable, non-irritating Polyurethane foam preferably with a self-adhesive backing for the customer to simply remove the backing paper and apply to their product.

Utilising our relationships with the world’s leading Polyurethane manufacturers Foam Engineers submitted machine cut samples in a wide range of materials, hardness’s and densities allowing the customer the opportunity to trial and establish their preferred material and thickness.

Foam Engineers believes close collaboration is vital to enable us to understand the customers exact needs, and for the customer to benefit from our vast range of experience of Polyurethane and Polyethylene technical foam converting.

Once the correct grade of foam was established Foam Engineers was extremely proud to receive the following email from the company proprietor.

“We have received the samples from you – many thanks for it. Now I’m sure that Foam Engineers really is the UK’s leading foam converter company – your service and quality are exceptional, we are very happy that we can cooperate with your company. We hope that we will order many thousand foam masks from you in the future.”

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