This week Foam Engineers are proud to have been awarded a certificate of recognition for our donations to Wycombe Resource Zone (WRZ). WRZ are a local service who use business waste, like ours, and turn it into creative materials and educational resources which can then be reused by many of the local community groups such as schools and community artists.

As a company, we aim to reduce and divert our waste from landfills by donating foam off-cuts and unwanted materials. By doing this we are able to fulfil the life of the resource by giving it a new dimension whilst also supporting our local community.

Not only are we turning our waste into someone else’s useful resource, but there are also cost benefits. These benefit both our company and the local communities, making the scheme very responsible and sustainable.

We look forward to collaborating and continue to share a greener goal with WRZ.

Visit Wycombe Resource Zone’s Facebook page to see how their organization puts donations to use:

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