Foam Engineers has a long history of engineering and supplying flexible foam products for the healthcare, medical and environmental sectors. We take your design concept and our team of product engineers use their expertise to provide the ideal “fit for purpose” bespoke solution.

The types of products we supply medical foam for include: orthotics and prosthetics; braces, splints and collars; buoyancy aids; pads, seats and cushions; therapeutic support and mattresses, cleaning and absorbing wipes, thermal insulation, acoustic absorption and specialized foam components.

We are unique in being able to offer both closed cell polyethylene foams and open cell polyurethane foams from our wide range of over 500 different foam types.

Our close association with the foam block manufacturing companies enables us to also develop special foam grades specific to a customer’s application. This has allowed us to develop foams with specific mechanical characteristics and colours.

Many of our customers require a combination of foam types and see the advantage of our wide range of products. We can combine our foams with other materials such as fabrics and substrates.

The characteristics of the foams we supply include: pure and low odour, lightweight and durable, closed cell and water repellent, open cell for fluid and noise absorption, excellent chemical resistance, wide range of densities and hardness.

Our expertise lies in engineering specific shapes in the chosen grade of foam. Using water jet and CNC cutting technology a wide variety of intricate shapes can be produced including cylinders, pads, die-cut recesses and convoluted profiles. Complex 3D shapes can be manufactured through our moulding process and where required we can manufacture special purpose machinery for your bespoke product.

At Foam Engineers we understand our customers are leaders in their markets, often achieving industry accolades and awards for engineering excellence. We are serious about our role as your business partner and foam supplier, and will often include, in addition to our ISO accreditation, any industry specific quality protocols required to ensure your exacting standards are met. We are approved by GE Healthcare for medical foams and supply many products governed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). We are also a direct supplier to the NHS in the UK.

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