Foam Engineers supply to a large number of motorsport customers. Our Military Specification foam products are widely used in fuel tanks.

Reticulated polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation are unique materials for use in fuel tanks of automobiles where the possibility of fuel tank explosions exists or where surge noise mitigation is required.

We fabricate all of our foam product specifically to meet our customer requirements. We can cut and manufacture very technical and complex shapes to fit a rigid or flexible fuel tank.
Our foam products are easy to install with minimal skills required. Once installed, Mil-Spec safety foam will remain in the fuel tank for many years without loss of physical properties, degradation and performance characteristics. It can be easily removed for internal fuel tank maintenance and re-installed repeatedly.

At Foam Engineers we understand the specialised nature of enquiries from the Motorsport Industry and the requirement to work closely and confidentially with our clients. We are unique in being able to offer a wide range of motorsport approved materials which we source directly from the manufacturers based in UK, Europe and North America.

All of the foam products we supply for motorsport applications are approved by the FIA.