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Foam material, explosion suppression, inherently electrically conductive, for aircraft and motor vehicle fuel tanks MIL-PRF-87260B (USAF)

Explosion Suppression Foam (ESF) has established itself as the product of choice for military aircraft. The U.S. Air Force, Navy and Army (with the assistance of other agencies such as the Federal Aviation Administration) conducted extensive tests over many years, including exposure to HEI (High Explosive Incendiary) fire, to determine properties required in ESF to effectively protect aircraft and, at the same time, permit all fuel systems to function normally. Working closely with these organizations, we have developed a full line of ESF products and offer qualified foams of all grades required by the U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Army specifications, and all foreign governments.

Safety Foam & ESF may be easily fabricated into any configuration to conform inside a complex rigid or flexible bladder-type fuel tank.

Installation is straight forward, requiring minimal skills. Once installed, the foam may remain in the fuel tank for many years without degradation or loss of physical properties and performance characteristics. It can be readily removed for internal fuel tank maintenance and reinstalled repeatedly.