quality control in foam manufacturing


At Foam Engineers we realise that many of the foam products and solutions that we manufacture are critically relied upon and are used in safety related applications. Therefore, we appreciate that our customers expect us to achieve the highest levels of quality and this we take very seriously.


Foam Engineers has implemented a Business Management System, designed to deliver satisfaction to its interested parties, including customers. The business management system is considered an important tool to be used by the Management Team to realise the strategic intention and direction of the business through the setting of both short, medium and long-term objections, consistent with the above intention and direction.

Recognising the vital importance of our customers to the business, we strive to clearly understand their current and future requirements (needs & expectations) with the view to meet needs and manage expectations. We do recognise the importance of employees being involved at different levels, in addition to managing relationships with all interested parties, including external providers.

The intention and direction of Foam Engineers is based on the identification of all business interested parties and their respective requirements (needs and expectations). Relevant internal and external issues are considered when defining the context of the organisation. These issues include adherence to legislations and regulations with respect to current Health & Safety, Environmental and other relevant areas.

Business processes and their interrelationships, together with associated risks, are identified, understood and managed in order to achieve the desired outcomes. Resources for these processes, whether with respect to competent human resources or capable infrastructure, are provided and managed to ensure effective and efficient outcomes. Leading and lagging key performance indicators are set and evaluated.

Foam Engineers management system have been independently certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015

FE Management Team