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Foam Engineers October 2022 News Letter- Edition 3

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FE News Letter October 2022 – Edition 3 – Ver 1

Birmingham statue with foam

Birmingham 2022 Opening Ceremony – The Bull

Foam Engineers are enormously proud to have been involved in the supply of various Plazazote foam materials from Zotefoams, as well as other technical foam grades used in the construction of the magnificent Bull which was a major scenic prop for the Opening Ceremony of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

We supplied foam to our customer Artem who were responsible for designing and building the 10m tall Bull, capable of propelling itself around the stadium and interacting with performers. The Bull is 10m high x 4.5m wide x 15m long and weighed in at just 2.5 tonnes.

Due to time restraints, our short lead times and geographical location offered great benefit to Artem as we seamlessly supplied foam when required. The use of foam, due to its light-weight properties, became a common feature throughout the Bulls design and construction. Its skin, hooves and interior mechanical elements were all cut and shaped from foam which was then art-worked to look like metal.




Blue Foam 3D shapes

Specialist Explosion Suppressant & Safety Foam Converter

  • Airbus Approved
  • UK Approved Mil-Spec Safety Foam Fabricators
  • Technical Fabrication and Block Resale
  • All Aerospace Grades Stocked
  • Approved Zotefoams Technical Fabricator
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Full In-house Design Team
  • Automated CNC Cutting

Explosion Suppressant Foam (ESF) is an established critical product for applications in aerospace, military and motorsport. We provide a full range of safety foam grades, approved by FIA, U.S.
Air Force, Navy, Army and foreign governments. Safety Foam can be machined and fabricated into any configuration to conform inside a complex rigid or flexible bladder or rigid-type fuel tank including many sensitive and protected applications.

Reticulated Polyurethane foams for explosion suppression and surge/noise mitigation are unique materials for use in fuel tanks of aircraft, boats, military vehicles, competition, automobiles and trucks, virtually any vehicle where the possibility of fuel tank explosion exists.

Foam Engineers has developed an advanced and protected way of 3D machining complex and technical shapes in open cell reticulated foam on our CNC routers creating an ultimate and unparalleled foam product for use in applications such as void filling and methods of carrying resin. These products are typically found in aerospace applications using our military specification conductive foam grades.

We stock Military Specification Reticulated Polyurethane Safety foam available in 3 grades which include:
-MIL-PRF-87260B (Grade 1 Charcoal)
-MIL-DTL-83054C (Type 2 Yellow & Type 4 Blue)

Please feel free to download our flyer by clicking the link: Explosion Suppressant Safety Foam Flyer

Full data sheets and further information available on request.

Grey 3D technical foam

Zotefoams | Azote & Zotek

Foam Engineers works closely with major manufacturers and companies operating in the civil and military airline and aerospace industry. We produce specialised foam products supplied to the UK, European and American markets. We are able to offer the combination of high specification foam types, alongside complex manufacturing and shaping technologies, backed up by quality assurance systems which provide in depth analysis, monitoring and traceability. Please read on for further information on the Zotefoams materials we fabricate into technical products.

  • Airbus Approved
  • Technical Fabrication and Block Resale
  • All Aerospace Grades Stocked
  • Approved Zotefoams Technical Fabricator
  • ISO 9001: 2015
  • Full In-house Design Team
  • Automated CNC Cutting

AZOTE® Aviation and Aerospace foams offer a unique combination of benefits for aviation and aerospace markets. The range of lightweight, crosslinked polyolefin block foams includes the lightest OEM approved FR grade aviation foam, conductive and static dissipative grades compatible with sensitive electronic components.

AZOTE® foams characteristics offer lightweight, low odour, crosslinked, closed cell with amazingly consistent cell size. We offer a range of high quality finished products from a wide variety of converting processes, including; thermoforming, water jet cutting, CNC routing, die cutting.

AZOTE® Applications: Aircraft seating, insulation, seals, ducts, buoyancy aids and packaging.

ZOTEK® F is a high-performance closed cell, crosslinked fluoropolymer (PVDF) foam that provides outstanding flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance and is inherently flame retardant, making it the perfect lightweight choice for many applications in air and space craft interiors.

  • Available in a range of grades (extra rigid, rigid, semi rigid and flexible)
  • Resistant to moisture and mould growth, chemicals and UV rays
  • Self-Insulating with no requirement for a post-insulating component

ZOTEK® F Flammability Performance 
Meets stringent aviation interior flammability requirements. ZOTEK® F also meets BMS 8-371D & AIMS04-14-009. Its OSU grades meet FAR 25.853(d) and exhibit exceptionally low heat release.

ZOTEK® F – Applications: Aircraft Interiors, Aircraft Airframe, Insulation, Environmental Control, Ducting applications, Soft touch trims, Aircraft carpet underlay.


Please feel free to download our flyer by clicking the link: Azote & Zotek flyer

Full data sheets and further information available on request.